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Make a Rainbow Bird Garland with this DIY Printable Bird Garland Kit - PRINTSPIRING

Make a Rainbow Bird Garland with this DIY Printable Bird Garland Kit

This DIY Printable Bird Garland is for the bird nerds, colour lovers and paper crafters! I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time, and I’m excited to share the finished product! It’s a DIY Printable Bird Garland featuring my paintings of a rainbow of birds from around the world!

If you follow PRINTSPIRING on Instagram you might have seen some of the behind the scenes action. The time-lapses of the birds appearing on the page have been super popular! I also shared in a blog post the art materials I was using. It’s been a huge project –  designing, painting, editing and assembling, but it’s finally here and ready for you!


Let me introduce the feathered friends that feature in this rainbow garland.

The bright red cardinal is from the woodlands of Northern America. He’s hanging out beside a pretty flame-coloured tanager from the mountains of Mexico. I’ve spotted the tiny yellow-bellied sunbird right outside my window, hovering in the hibiscus flowers here in Sumbawa, Indonesia. Green toucanets live in the forests of Central and South America. Kingfishers, with varying shades of blue plumage can be found in tropical places all over the world, usually near a river or stream! The indigo coloured splendid  fairy-wren, is a beautiful little bird from Australia, and the spectacularly coloured violet-backed starling on the end can be found in the woodlands and savanna forests of Africa!


This garland is available now as an instant download, printable DIY kit. I’ve made a few myself during the testing/tweaking phase and they’re a lot of fun to make! Perfect for a relaxing crafternoon!

  1. Click here to purchase the printable DIY Bird Garland Kit
  2. Download the files. They will be available straight after purchase!
  3. Print the contents of the kit. Use at least 200gsm paper, and the best print quality setting on your printer.
  4. Cut. Snip. Trim. Don’t worry, there are tiiiiiny dotted lines to make it easy!
  5. Hang & Decorate! You could stick the birds straight on a wall, hang them on a piece of string with miniature wooden pegs as I did, or you could get creative and sew them together. Add some feathers for that boho-chic look!

I’d love to see your bird garland, feel free to share! You can send me a message or tag PRINTSPIRING on social media!



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DIY Printable Bird Garland by PRINTSPIRING