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Why I Didn't Want to Start a Blog and Why I'm Starting One Anyway

Why I didn’t want to start a blog and why I’m starting one anyway  

By September 25, 2015Uncategorized
 I’ve been hovering in the awkward space between ‘To Blog’ and ‘Not To Blog’ for months and months. It’s not that I have nothing to say, or I don’t know how to blog… I’ve been a blogger before, and I’m familiar with the process.  I know that the Google creepy crawlies love blogs, and I know that a blog can be a huge in contributing to the success of a business. I like writing, and I’ve always got words swirling around in my head. They want to make an exit at the most inconvenient times (usually when I’m trying to get some sleep) and I know I have enough of them to create consistent blog content. Here’s the thing though… 

I just didn’t feel like I had anything new or original to add to the 164 million blogs already out there in the blogosophere.

Sometimes when I start downloading the contents of my brain onto a piece of paper, a quick google about the topic of choice reveals that my thoughts have already been articulated in a more clearer and concise way than the jumble of words I’ve written my page. My A-HA moment occurred while I was painting, with an episode of MarieTV playing in the background. The episode featured Elizabeth Gilbert on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic, and it is full of gems of wisdom. It was these few words that snapped me out of my indecision.

“It’s all been done before. It has not yet been done by you.
You’re allowed to add to the pile.”

There is so much permission in those few short sentences. Many people paint and create inspiring artwork. Lots and lots of creative souls have been on a journey, and have written about the things I will write about. But there is only one person who can tell the story of a jungle-island dwelling, seaplane travelling, stargazing, nature-loving, bird painting, colour lover with a witty, sarcastic sense of humour and an impulsive urge to perform handstands. So, almost a whole year after the idea of PRINTSPIRING was born, I am hitting publish on the first blog post today. Here I go, ‘adding to the pile’.

I intend to blog weekly, but I am reluctant to categorize, or define exactly what my content will be, as this journey is one of  change and transformation. My work is constantly evolving, and I am always expanding and learning. I hope to share the insights, and inspiration that I am gifted along this journey. In doing so, my desire is that others might be inspired to embrace their own creativity and begin their own artistic adventure.

You may notice that I’ve disabled the comment section, for many reasons that I may go into another time. I am active on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook, so let’s connect there, and remember you can always say hello via the contact form here anytime! I’d love to hear from you!

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